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Our BVTeach Community:​

Since 2007, nearly 40,000 new teachers are hired annually, and over 170,000 job openings are projected by 2024. For the Brazos Valley, more homegrown teachers from our community is the ultimate goal. Almost 60% of teachers teach within 20 miles of where they went to school; let’s start growing the next generation of teachers while they are in middle and high school. 

The vision of the Brazos Valley Teach (BVTeach) program is to equip the next generation of pre-K through middle-grade teachers in the Brazos Valley with the guidance, resources, and support to become college and career ready. 

To achieve this vision, we need deep commitment by dedicated individuals. Our BVTeach community includes middle and high school students, college students who serve as peer mentors, dual credit and career and technical education (CTE) teachers, school guidance counselors, career and technical student and organizations, staff and faculty for Blinn College, and local businesses and community members. 

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