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Our Philosophy

We believe that the future of the teaching profession is sitting in our high schools.

BVTeach seeks to ensure high school students in the Brazos Valley are afforded the necessary academic resources to complete a Career and Technical Education (CTE), Public Service Endorsement (PSE) in the Education and Training cluster with dual credit coursework opportunities. The Teaching and Training cluster, which falls under the PSE endorsement, holds promise for developing future teachers.


BVTeach is designed to create a seamless pathway for students from high school into a post-secondary program and eventually into a teaching career. BVTeach leverages dual credit opportunities through a CTE career academy as many seek an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree. Next, community college graduates are now on a trajectory to complete a four-year degree in education and hopefully return to their home districts to teach.


Although BVTeach is primarily a college readiness strategy, it is also a type of Grow Your Own (GYO) program. The definition of a GYO teacher program is the process by which school districts, often working in conjunction with a funded project or higher education institution, identify and develop individuals who reside in the local district in order to develop qualified teachers. The BVTeach Fellows are prospective teachers for the districts. Our framework for growing teachers in the Brazos Valley, alongside our school district partners, includes eight components.

Our Components


Stakeholder-Driven Advisory Board


Financial Literacy


Peer Mentorships


Articulated Transfer Agreements


Community of Practice


Teacher Education Focused Curriculum




Community Outreach

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